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FOTOCENTRAS consists of three companies: GARIVA, UAB, SILUETAS, UAB and FOTONONA, UAB. GARIVA, UAB is a retail chain specializing in photographic products, developing of photographs, and framing services. The team of SILUETAS, UAB provides professional photography services and is ready to catch and preserve your most important moments. FOTONONA, UAB is engaged in the wholesale of photographic goods.

FOTOCENTRAS was founded in 1993. Rimantas Garunkštis, the founder and owner of the company, was interested in photography since his very youth, and later it became his hobby. While being interested in photography, as early as in 1972 he began developing colour photos. This way the FOTOCENTRAS history covers all stages of photographic technologies: the beginning with completely manual method when even the chemical agents had to be mixed independently, to fully automated processes utilizing modern equipped laboratories. In the beginning, only family members were involved in the activities of FOTOCENTRAS but with the growing number of customers, additional staff had to be hired. The growth of FOTOCENTRAS is best illustrated by the size of its staff. In 1995 the number of employees in GARIVA, UAB alone was 1, it reached 8 employees in 1996, 23 employees in 1997, 35 employees in 1998, 42 employees in 1999, 51 employees in 2000, 67 employees in 2001 and 69 employees in 2002

Currently, in over a decade, our team totals as many as
98 employees!

During ten years of experience in photo
graphic services and sales of photographic goods, FOTOCENTRAS has not only maintained its positions, but has also expanded. Today FOTOCENTRAS is one of the leaders in Lithuania among the companies providing photographic services. Our strategy is continuous improvement. Investments in the latest technologies ensure high quality of services. Wide variety of goods allows the buyer to find all in one place – everything one might ever need in the world of photography.

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